Eman of Arrow Clan has seen things no man ever should. Now he's in an asylum, fighting to regain his sanity. Dr. Tyy specializes in hard cases, and he's determined to help Eman recover. But when the warrior starts to tell his story, Tyy isn't prepared for the kaleidoscopic secrets about to be unleashed.


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August 20th, 2015, 11:12 am

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AvianSkies, August 20th, 2015, 11:19 am

It begins!

Miko and I are pleased to officially announce our second comic-in-progress, Kaleidoscope! It's another of my novels adapted into comic form, and it definitely strays from the flavor of LGTP? Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy this one as much as the other. Where Liars Go To Paradise? is comedic and fantastical, Kaleidoscope is an action-oriented military/sci-fi tale encompassing multiple worlds and timelines.

Featuring the main cast, protagonists and antagonists alike. They are:

Tyy (upper left corner, purple hair, needle in hand); Eman (blond, wearing red, holding rocket launcher); Dek (upper right corner, blue hair), Minnon (upper right, teal hair); Rava (upper right, purple hair); Kym (mostly full-body, blue/yellow-striped hair); Chya (female, blue hair), Inectei (lower left-side twin); Inoctoi (lower right-side twin).
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